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Chinatown in your neighborhood.

Chinatown Plaza offers a blend of East and West. The entrance of its parking lot is marked by a beautifully crafted traditional Chinese arch. There is a statue of “The Journey to the West” and the Monkey God at the front of the Mall as these are figures in the classical Tang Dynasty-era Chinese literature.


Chinese music wafts through the covered walkways outside the shops. Framed posters along the walk's interior walls illustrate Chinese customs, arts, and entertainment, while open shop doors beckon visitors with intriguing glimpses and aromas of Asia.

Chinatown Plaza is not only a place for journey, but it is also a place for everyone to enjoy Asian culture through its retail shops. The entire area serves as a small cultural exhibit, and signs scattered throughout contain information about Chinese art and history.


Come and enjoy the many arts and crafts gift shops and the only Chinese bookstore in Nevada. You will also discover Asian supermarket, well stocked Chinese herb shop, high quality bakery, plants shop, jade store, and many other retail stores that will make you feel like you are truly in Asia.

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